Hi Dark,

Yeah, I've seen that kind of confusion several times on list as well.
A lot of VI gamers toss out terms not really aware of what the
mainstream gamers mean by them because it sounds catchy or they simply
aren't aware of what that style of game is like.

For example, I've heard a lot of people refer to Shades of Doom as a
3d game. That's not really true. You can go forward, backward, left,
and right, but there is absolutely no up/down axis movement so by
definition it is not in fact 3d. It is a 2d game with 3d audio which
is a different issue completely.

Now, when I say Mysteries of the Ancients 3D will be a full blown 3d
FPS game that's precisely what I mean. Angela will be able to move
forward, backward, left, right, up, or down throughout the levels.
Plus she'll be able to aim her gun up or down plus face the target
which means targeting enemies will be slightly more complicated as you
have to setup the proper virtical and hhorizontal angle of the shot.
This is all pretty par for mainstream games, but a totally new concept
for VI gamers who will be entering a true 3d virtual environment for
the first time.

So getting back to the point there is certainly room for this
community to grow. Especially, in demonstrating what the difference
between termonology actually means. Someone who has never experienced
virtual 3d might be confused by a game like Shades of Doom claming 3d
audio, but does not in fact have 3d movement and game play. Someone
who has no concept of what roll playing game means might just think it
means playing a character regardless if it is an arcade game whatever.
The only way to fix that perception is to show them the difference


On 8/14/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> as regards your point concerning lack of exposure to mainstream games, this
> seems true to an extent.
> for instance, when justin of bsc described hunter as "an adventure role
> playing game" it's pretty clear that in writing that description, he had
> litle idea of what an actual role playing game of any type such as Dragon
> warrior, legend of zelda or final fantasy actually involved, in fact I am
> pretty certain he thought, as I've seen expressed on list previously, that a
> role playing game simply meant a game with a defined main character who's
> role you take on, even if playing that role involves arcade style action.
> sinse I am pretty certain Justin was not familiar with the mechanics or full
> focus of rpgs, on plot and exploration, it's clear how he made the mistake
> (and hunter is a good arcade game afterall).
> So this clearly does happen.
> However, there are also cases where two people simply have similar ideas.
> Castaways for instance bares quite a resemblance to a very popular recent
> internet ascii graphics simulation game called dwarf fortress, in which you
> as the player manage a group of dwarves building a fort, and must assign
> them work, identify different areas to work on, manage resources and built
> items such as metal and stone for weapons, even pets like cats and dogs to
> get rid of vermin.
> though the game is pretty inaccessible, a friend of mine is a huge fan. I
> showed him castaways, and his first comment was "a lot like dwarf fortress"
> Yet, jeremy has never come across dwarf fortress before, despite it being a
> recent, and very popular indi game regularly discussed around the net.
> Thus, castaways is an entirely original idea.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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