HI Dark,

Yes, i know. That was really my point. Winboard may be a very good
Chess program, but if its only using Jaws then it is, sorry to say,
not very accessible in comparison to alternative Chess programs. Jaws
may still be the leading screen reader today, but Window-Eyes, state
side, has caught up over the last few years and Jaws market share is
constantly shrinking. Part of that is do to the fact Window-Eyes now
has scripting support since 7.0, and of course NVDA has grabbed up a
huge number of VI computer users who can't afford to pay out ragious
prices for Jaws or Window-Eyes.I know I am personally looking at
switching to NVDA for that exact reason myself. I simply can't afford
to pay out for SMA plans right now.

The thing is the screen reader market is changing. Developers who
arent' staying on top of that are bound to get requests like support
NVDA, support Window-Eyes, support Hal, whatever because Jaws is
losing the market shar they once held. Its time that devs start
realizing that and beginning to support alternative screen reader
solutions as I don't see Jaws ever gaining back the market shares they
once had. Especially, since their business practices, sue happy
attitude, has turned a lot of people against them.


On 8/14/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi tom.
> Amusingly enough, this is actually what I said when dave made a similar
> anouncement on audiogames.net.
> At that point he did talk about adding sapi support possibly support for
> other screen readers as well, though whether this is going to happen I don't
> know.
> What bothers me, is that the two other major accessible chess programs do
> not have this limitation.
> both Kchess programs work with window eyes and Hal (and probably would with
> nvda sinse the screen is fairly symple, pluss they have lots of voicing as
> well), and Ian humphries bg chess works with sapi.
> Beware the grue!
> dark.

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