Hi Tom.

As I said, I didn't completely agree with the point that 3D was automatically easier than 2D, not after seeing games like metroid prime or maximo (not to mention resident evil), but I do think there is an arguement that 3D does create the necessity to make obstacles challenging, where as standard 2D is challenging anyway.

to take your acid pits example, suppose there were no falling rocks at the side of the pits, they would be too easy. However even in a bog standard and comparatively uninteresting 2D game, any pit must be jumped directly.

The same is true of monsters. A generic 3D monster walking back and forth is harder to get around than a generic 2D monster like the mario goomber which you must confront even though it only walks mindlessly along, so it's up to the developer of a 3d game to make monsters harder by including say an Ai that causes monsters to home in on you.

Interestingly enough, my favourite 2D games have always been those that imploy far more movement and options for the player.

in the mega man x series for instance, you can wall kick your way up any vertical surface. Thus, in the final fight with Sigma in Mega man X1, he's too tall to jump on the ground, and will block your shots with his beamsabre. You must climb the wall, at which point he'll start jumping up towards you, and require you to slide down at the correct wrate to avoid his jumps while getting some shots on him yourself.

Metroid with the morph ball and spacejump (where you can virtually fly), Turrican with it's invinsible wheel mode, Gunstar heroes where you can jump up and hang upside down from the underside of any ledge even the cieling.

Yet, in all these games, the enemies bosses and obstacles are quite up to the increased movement of your characters, covering more of the screen, having better ai or even requiring more complexity to defeat.

this is also interestingly enough precisely why I am so bothered about the lack of 2D in audio, sinse all my favourite games make very! extensive use of the second dimention.

Beware the grue!


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