I confess, i've tried mission 3 several times now and am having trouble. 

Enemy attacks seem extremely frequently, and! to come in over whelming numbers. 
What's worse is my troops keep getting killed, and even when i've got say 6 
knights and two ranges, they're faced with five enemy knights, five enemy 
soldiers, five enemy rangers and! two pikemen. 

methinks the enemy must breed like rabbits on speed, sinse at that stage I'd 
barely got thirty people in the hole settlement! 

I've tried rading the enemy, but that actually doesn't seem to do much good, 
sinse the enemy's next attack is stil! even stronger when some of my troops get 
killed off (and this is easy difficulty).

I admit I'm having trouble wwith the walls business, mostly because I'm very 
bad at perceiving maps spacially and can't see the graphics on my laptop screen.

Perhaps some overview keys for rows and columns the way towers of war had, eg, 
being able to tell the land spaces on a selected row or column with a keypress 
would help me place walls more logically. 

Pluss I've noticed leather related problems. The leather workers weren't making 
leather, either because even though I'd got enough cloaks I had a multiplayer 
friend doctor who insisted! on weaving and that was taking up all the firs 
despite me having two butchers and an animal farm, or because leather workers 
and artisans (imho leather worker should be renamed as tanner, and leather 
worker be the one who makes the armour), did a lot of standing aroundm, and in 
fact the only person i saw doing any leather working was my monk. 

animal farms also seem to take up lots! of wheat. I do rather wonder why you 
have to feed wheat fit for humans to farm animals at all, sinse sheep, cows etc 
usually can grase on plants that humans don't eat such as grass and clover, 
---- heck sheep and goats don't even require pasture, just sticking on the 
nearest grassy hill and let them get on with it, indeed I do remember reading 
somewhere that in most medeval communities pigs were pretty much a garbage 
disposal system!. 

now the stables has been added and horses take wheat to produce, perhaps the 
wheat requirement could be removed from farm animals, ---- afterall what you 
feed a fine warhores is different from what you feed an animal your just 
planning to slaughter for food.

Beware the Grue! 


i am pleased to say though the monk did get a tome written relatively quickly, 
which was good.
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