Hi list.
just a bit of a suggestion regarding the building list in castaways,
at the moment, the order of the list seems a bit haphazard,
for example, I think that all the farm types should be listed right next to each other, at the moment you have meet and vegetable farms, and then right near the bottom of the list is the animal farm, I think this should be grouped with the other two farms so they are next to each other in the list. I think in fact, that the buildings should be grouped in the order that they depend on each other, so for example, I would have the butchers shop, then the textile, and then the hospital, and other buildings that depend on it.
I think also that the vinyard should be listed next to the tavern.
and also perhaps the tannery should go next to the monastery as again they depend on each other.
I also had another idea when playing mission 3,
I think because the maps are so big, and it can take some time to explore them, I think a really useful feature would be a terrain location mode, so lets say I am at a1 and want to quickly find the nearest site to put my quarry, I could bring up a list of terrain types and find out where the nearest bit of forest, rocky ground or empty land is etc.

alternatively, I did think of another job that could make this more of a useful in game feature,
that of an explorer or cartographer.
OK at the moment you can arrow around to find things, but if you had an explorer or cartographer, you could find out from him where the nearest bit of forest is or whatever, and a benefit of having him could be that all your peasants and builders move around quicker, as he could advise on the quickest root.
I certainly think a quick terrain location feature could be useful anyway.

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