I'd say don't do it. I don't understand what's going on with this community. It's always compromises with you guys. can't a man create a game how he wants, and everyone just play it how it was intended? when you play a ps3 game do you suddenly say hmm, I'm gonna swap this game's sounds for much cooler ones. course not. you just play the thing how it was designed. sheesh. this community exasperates me so much. there's rarely a discussion thread that doesn't contain these words. well can't you do such and such? swap sounds? make game easier? discard analog jumping? and on and on. no wonder guys like Draconis don't post updates. I think it's for the best. once their new games comes out people will play it, and it will be too late to change anything. if I was a dev I'd do exactly the same thing .

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Hi Bryan,

Perhaps, but its the principle of the thing. Nobody wants to just
except the game as it was intended to be designed. MOTA players are
under the impression USA Games is like Subway "we do it your way"
which isn't what we had in mind here. Although, I have plenty of web
space right now imagine if I released voice packs, sound packs, etc
for each and every single game I ever create. Its going to end up
costing me extra web space and download bandwidth to support what I
consider non-essential junk. I'd prefer people to just accept the
changes as they are and stop requesting sound packs for this, that,
and the other thing because people just can't be satisfied with the
product I'm creating as is. They don't think about how much extra
time, effort, web space, etc is required to support their own
individual idea of how the game should be. More over they forget I'm
in charge of deciding such things and I have personal reasons for
doing what I do to.


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