Hi all,
First off, I'd like to apologize for bringing back a fairly old thread. I just got back from camp and have finished reading through 246 emails (what fun) and wanted to clarify a few points. I'd like to apologize for apparently giving the wrong impression with my message. I was in know way trying to force anything onto Thomas, or to gripe about anything in the game. I'd also like to stay that I read through the emails rather quickly, so I may have missed a few points. If so, please forgive my ignorance. ON the subject of audio, I've never really heard any actual weapons fire before, so if the new sounds are indeed more accurate, I owe thomas another apology. I was merely intending to put my observations on the new version of the game out. ON the subject of the doors, I'm no historian, thus had no idea that wooden doors were used in greece. As I seem to have missed a few facts there, feel free to disregard my point. On the subject of jumping, I can understand where you're coming from as far as mice and joisticks go. I don't use either of them myself, so can't say that I've ran into the circumstances you mentioned. I didn't mean for my suggestion to be considered anything more than that, and hope it wasn't taken that way. As far as raising the volume on the spikes goes, that's a great idea, and I'm rather ashamed of myself for not thinking of it. On the subject of multiple monsters, I do usually play on beginner or intermediate, as advanced (and particularly expert) usually kill me in the first or second room. As far as holding down enter to pick up objects goes, It's not a serious problem, and I can understand the technical difficulties. I suppose I'm just to used to playing beta 18 (I've put well over 48 hours into it) and am having a hard time readjusting. To conclude, I'd like to extend a sincere apology to the list, and Thomas in particular, as I didn't mean for my message to be anything other than observations. I didn't mean for this to create any kind of strife for Thomas, and certainly don't want people getting the wrong impression.


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