Hi Raul,

Well, working with public betas is something of a two-edged sword.

On the one side, it has been extremely helpful. I've had a wide range
of testers who have found bugs, problems, and so on. working with the
same people who will be playing MOTA 1.0 has resolved a lot of design
issues early on and helped me get things right before 1.0. So rather
than releasing one or two major betas in which I might have to rewrite
or correct a bunch of code at once I chose to break it down into
smaller beta cycles and fix things as I go.

On the other side, though, some people have been immature about the
process. Some people demand their own way, want the game right now,
insist on modding it, or whatever. I suppose every developer
encounters a few bad apples now and then, and the best a developer can
do is take the good with the bad. Find out if the value of public
input is worth putting up with the bad apples too.


On 8/22/11, Raul A. Gallegos <r...@raulgallegos.com> wrote:
> Thomas, this is one reason why I have often wondered why you have
> released so many public betas. People should just be patient and wait
> for the final release with maybe 1, or 2 public betas, but that should
> be it. The idea of, I'm blind and I want things my way or else I'll
> throw a fit is for children, not adults.
> I am very sure you just wanna get this off your shoulders and move onto
> other things, and I for one can't wait to see the final project and I
> know I will enjoy it regardless.
> Thanks.
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