Hi Valiant,

That kind of modding is understandable. Obviously lowering music to
make the menus more understandable or raising the volume of a sound to
make it a little louder is perfectly fine. You have a problem hearing
and modding a game to make it easier to play isn't an issue for me.
Its the other kind of modding that bothers me.

For instance, not long ago someone mentioned they were creating a Star
Wars mod for the game called Order 66, and asked if I could do
something to make a light saber loop. In other words could I modify
the game to support his mod.  The answer was definitely no, because
I'm creating a game on par with Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, Rogue
Angel, or something else in that genre and someone is happily
converting my game into something completely different than what I had
intended. Not only that he wasn't even aware of the fact the license
agreement specifically forbids modding of that kind.

The other issue we get into when talking about modding is copyright
issues regarding sound effects. I have to pay royalties for the sounds
and music I use in my games. So the sounds that ship with a game are
provided under legal license for that purpose. However, if someone
rips all the sounds from say Tomb Raider and creates a mod and
redistributes them he/she could be held liable for redistribution of
copyrighted material and/or copyright infringement. While I'd love to
just drop the sounds of Lara Croft etc into my games that's not really
legal, and anyone who does it is taking a legal risk. So by not
allowing people to mod a game I not only protect my product I protect
people from taking the risk of modding my games with illegal sounds
and music.


On 8/23/11, Valiant8086 <valiant8...@lavabit.com> wrote:
> I have some food for more thought on this discussion.
> That is, with certain games, I have to mod them in order to play them. That
> is, with my hearing problems, sometimes I need to silence a crowd or turn up
> a beep sound. Sometimes I have to turn down music in a menu  where many
> developers seem to forget to allow it to be turned down or off.
> I'm not trying to argue against the prevention of modding, just wanted to
> throw that out there for people to know about.

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