Hi Thomas,
you are probably right in thinking that atempting to make Lone Wolf into a Trek simulation could be harmful to the original game. However, Isn't the game Counter Strike a Half Life mod or something like it (at least in the beginning)? And such big mods have been around for ages in the mainstream sector. If they are "good" from the developer's standpoind is something totally different, but I just want to say that they exist nonetheless. Also, not all, but some science fiction game mods are there to make crossovers between series/genres. If they are good, or well thought out or even balanced is another story of course. But Because there is only One half made mainstream Stargate game out (as an example), there are Stargate mods for Star Trek and one Star Wars game. Surely, making one of theese games directly would be better, but such mods are often created when no one makes a game many people would like to have. Since many players aren't programmers themselves they couldn't do it themselves, even if licensing and prices wouldn't be an issue. So, they adapt what's easier to change, like the sounds of Lone Wolf or for an example Super Liam with the Max Payne sounds, music and story. I liked that one, but I also would feel better if I had Max Payne as an audio game, or the original with accessibility features, which it doesn't have. And lastly one final thing about mods. Games with long campaigns or missions often at least allows user mission creation, even if they are stand alone mini maps (often for multiplayer in mainstream games, but not allways limited to multiplayer). Of the audio games there not many of them bring their own mission tools. There's Dyna man and Lone wolf for example. Of course, Sound RTS and the Topspeed games allow modification in the form of new missions in the former and new cars and race tracks in the case of the latter (same for Rail Racer with new tracks). But nothing to expand all the games like Shades of Doom or the two ESP Pinball titles. The Original (Alchemy) Montezuma's Revenge was supposed to have a map creation tool either released with the game directly or at least afterwards.

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