Well this is an odd question. 

Now that I'm back, I'd like to take the database in hand if I can, and sort a 
few things out. Add several games that need adding and write up some submission 
guidelines for what is considdered a full game and therefore worht adding, and 
what is more a work in progress or learning exercise and so not.

In addition, I'd like to think about muds. 

I've just rejiggered the alterean entry, wrote a new description and more 
accurate info. 

Next on the list is materiamagica. 

the problem is though, just as we can't add the entire contents of the if 
archive to the database, we can't add every single mud out there, ---- and 
probably not even every single mud someone happens to play. 

Alterean obviously needed an entry sinse it's got the blind compatibility stuff 
and soundpack, and on that basis godwars 2, Materiamagica, new worlds Ateraan 
and maybe medevia need pages too, sinse all have good blind support and some 
have soundpacks. 

However what else? 

any thoughts on which muds should! be included and how to determine this? while 
I've played a few, and play alterean quite seriously at the moment, I'm not an 
expert in muds, so some opinions from other people who've played more and 
perhaps found compatibility issues with some would be appreciated. 

All the best, 

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