I think there will be many differing opinions about the castaways sounds.  It 
is part of the downside to having the temporary ones around for so very long.  
People got used to them and it is always hard to make that kind of change.  The 
good news is that the sounds will remain as separate files so people can easily 
swap them out for ones they like better.

Congratulations on completely walling yourself in on mission 3, so far that is 
the only way I've been able to beat it on hard mode.  I've changed up my 
strategy a few times, but at the moment this is how I've managed to do it.  
Spoiler alert, of course.

This is on the default map.  I build my storehouse on O-28 and build 2 walls as 
soon as I have my settlement running well enough.  The first wall goes at O-30 
and the other wall goes at P-26.  This seals off a perfectly protected piece of 
land that has 10 tiles of usable space.  This isn't a very large piece of land, 
but 10 tiles gives me room for the storehouse, tavern, and 8 other buildings 
that I will need most.  This isn't enough room to last forever, but it is very 
good knowing you have those 10 buildings totally protected.

The next step is to try and defend myself as I expand outward to grab up more 
land.  My next piece of land gives me 15 tiles of space, but it requires 4 
walls to defend it completely.  Walls must go at L-7, I-11, L-13, and M-12.  If 
I can last long enough to get those walls built, that always gives me enough 
room to eventually beat the mission.  Studying the map looking for the best 
places to try and defend has been an ongoing process, so I'm pretty sure other 
people have come up with other places that are good for defending also.  I 
haven't played the new secondary map enough to find a favorite spot yet.

> Hi all, and aprone in particular,
>     This may be an early opinion (I've only
> been playing the new version for 20 minutes) but I'm liking
> most of the new sounds. The only ones I don't prefer are the
> pausing and unpausing game sounds, (The pausing seems a
> little harsh, and the unpausing can easily cover the sound
> of a tick. Also, I really liked the sound for when things
> happen, the new one just kind of grates on me. I don't mean
> to be critical, I'm just giving my highly personal
> opinions.
> P.s:
>     Also related to castaways, I have a
> challenge. After several hours of work, I have managed to
> get my multiplayer game entirely walled in and untouchable.
> I freely admit to having to reload my mission 3 save to get
> lucky on raids, and thus the challenge. If anyone can
> duplicate this (no limit on the size of the settlement, but
> it must be self-sustaining and contain all of your
> buildings) I would really like to know how you did it.

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