Wow!  I must say that is quite an impressive barricade you've put around your 
land.  I think any enemies would think twice before wanting to take on anyone 
who could construct such a titanic defense!  Haha, I know I would.

I can't remember if Cliff is a member from audyssey, but I saw earlier he asked 
on the server about a way to lower the game's volume to better hear his screen 
reader.  There isn't such a feature yet, but I've added it to the next update 
that I'm still coding.  I figure it will be useful to others as well, with the 
introduction of all of these new game sounds which might distract from the 

> That's way to subtle for me. I just
> built walls starting at p-20 through p-31 through y-31
> through y-20 and x-20 through q-20. It's a big square with
> all my buildings, and so far it's working beautifully. I've
> probably got 50 enemies on the map with only one or two more
> decoy catapults left.

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