Hi list,

first, I have 3 links with some Marvel vs. Capcom gameplay for you. The guy who made them did it just to test some video settings, but I thought I'd share this anyway because the sound in these videos is really great and the gameplay too. I think everyone who knows this game well can find out which characters are in play here.

So, here the links first:





Ok, and while we are at it, check out his channel and his playlists there. He has a ton of playthroughs of many games on there. These so called let's plays are commented playthroughs and there are hundrets of people on Youtube who upload these. If you search for let's play on Youtube you will get thusands of results. Some people do commentary, but others not, so you can pick what you like best.

This guy here, who calls himself General secura, has different genres of games on his channel, including some Pokemon games, Mortal Combat or Mario Sunshine for example. Currently he has Super Mario Galaxy and another Pokemon games in progress among others, and he really uploads new videos regularly.

Well, I obviously don't tell you that to do advertising or something, but because I can remember a few people on here searching gameplay videos of games on the internet. And since I myself needed some time to get the idea to even look on Youtube, I thought I'd give you a headsup in case you don't know about this big group of gamers who post their playing on there. I have subscribed to quite a few channels now and watch game playthroughs quite often, especially of classic games or games I can't play but which interest me.

So, if you like to watch some games played, take a look on Youtube. Here I'll give you the link to the channel the above videos are from, but if you really are interested and would like to get more tips, just ask and I can help you out if you like.

So, here the link to the channel:


I hope I got the interest of some of you and that some of you have fun watching some of these videos.

Best regards

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