this was one I actually tried a few years ago when it was starting out. As 
brouser rpg games go it had a great deal to recommend it at that time. An 
interesting premise, many monsters, not bad descriptions of combat and some 
really cool stratogy options. 

At that point I left because for me the focus seemed to be too much on pvp. Now 
however, the game has changed and more achievements and quests, as well as lots 
moremonsters have been added, there is even a no pvp option as well. 

so I've started playing again. 

Access wise, things are great, very nice webpages and lyout, and if you donate 
to the game it becomes even simplerwith no adds, and the ability to show or 
hide bits of the interface and options like stats. 

basically, the game works by having you play a magus (a wizard), controlling 
golems, large magically maintained creatures. It's these golems that do the 
fighting or exploring on your behalf, and you an equip them, repare them, give 
them weapons and armour and other bennifits. 

there's also a degree of resource management in the game, sinse you have six 
resources that renew from various structures like a lone grave for bone or a 
clay stream for clay, which you then build items and things with. 

this also means that the game has the nice perk of meaning you can set 
something in motion, then walk away to come back and find you've generated lots 
more resources. 

thouh the game is complex, the help and tutorials are also very understandable. 

In the state it's in now I'd deffinately recommend it, and here's the link: 

Yes, this is my referral link, so clicking on it and signing up gets me stuff, 
---- but seriously I do think the game is worth it. 

I'm simril on there, though bare in mind I've only just started.

Beware the Grue! 

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