Hi Dark,

Good point, but that is part of the problem for us I think. Since
there are no graphics to speak of its difficult to completely transfer
the right image via sound. I know in just sorting through my extensive
sound library for monster sounds I'm having troubles finding a sound
that is particularly scary.

For instance, take a werewolf. We could use generic wolf sounds which
would work, but sounds too common. I could use a really vicious
sounding dog, but its not beastly enough for mine. So even though I
have sounds that could or would work I'm looking for something truly
beastly and evil sounding, but can't find anything that really fits
the bill. The mutant dogs in Shades of Doom are too tame for what I
have in mind for a really good werewolf sound.

Other creatures I'd like to create escapes me altogether in terms of
sound. One creature I have in mind is the evil undead Sorceress from
the Stoneback Hill adventure in Sryth. The one in the room with the
box with the false bottom in it. I always thought that sorceress would
make a great game vilain in an audio game.

The problem is that a human voice screaming etc sounds to alive to be
an undead creature without lots of alterations. Using rattling bones
is rather sexless and has no gender to them. So I need to think of
some way to create something that sounds both inhuman and is
unmistakably female. Kind of a tall order since I don't know what I
need to create something that sinister.


On 9/28/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> On the doom issue, I personally don't find the monsters' origin to really
> contribute to it's fear factor at all, so whether it's a demon or a mutant
> or an alien really doesn't bother me as much.
> Personally it's how the monster looks and sounds, and indeed how much you
> know about it that I find makes it scary.
> Look at the hp lovecraft creatures. Often you were only told a random (and
> unpronounceable), name with an origin that might be another dimention, hell,
> an alien planet or goodness knows where.
> however the mystery combined with the really freaky appearence, humanoid
> squid, birds with dripping eyeballs, black oozing masses with no clear form,
> all makes the creatures worse.
> In shades, even though you knew! they were experiment creatures, the
> evilness of the sounds usedand the fact that you didn't get a description
> contributed a lot to their mystery. for instance how are the mutant humans
> mutated? covered with fir? scales?
> Organs on the outside of bodies?
> I personally always imagined them a bit like frankenstein's monster,
> missshapen with bulging muscles bursting through their clothes, maybe
> protruberances of bone etc, and of course what I imagined is probably far
> scarier than any description!
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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