Here are the events scheduled for Wednesday, October 19th :

>From the Pulpit
7:00 PM eastern
Hosted by Lee from WV
Location: House of Our Lord
Come listen to a live service, which will include, worship, music, preaching, 
and special singing. 

8:00 PM eastern
Hosted by Kathy Mertz
Location: Game Zone
Do you know the answer? If so, you need to phrase it in the form of a question, 


Come join me for the granddaddy of all trivia games. We will play as if we were 
on TV, with Jeopardy, double Jeopardy, and final Jeopardy, with three daily 
doubles and brain teasers galore. I'm looking forward to adding you to a team.
The categories for tonight's game are:

1. Movies' Last lines
2. Etiquette
3. Newer Words and Phrases

Double Jeopardy
1. Opera
2. The Journey of Life
3. Olympic Facts

Have a wonderful day!


"Security is not the absence of danger.  It is the presence of the Lord."
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