For starters I have doubled the impact size for the zombies, and caused the 
bullets to do a bit more damage.  How the damage works is still the same 
though, which is based on how close to the center of the zombie you hit.  It is 
entirely possible to kill a zombie with a single shot if you hit it in the very 
center, but of course that would be very difficult to do at any kind of range.  
I think it will be easier to kill them now.

I've changed how a few things work with the aiming and walking.  Instead of 
using the mouse button to turn on aiming, the F key is used to toggle it on or 
off.  This way you can turn it on and just leave it on if you're comfortable 
with it.  Keep in mind that aiming is only moving your gun and does not affect 
your traveling direction.  I think some people may have been trying to use the 
aiming feature to turn through doorways.  To solve that problem I've added the 
steering option that can be toggled using the G key.  When steering is turned 
on, moving the mouse actually smoothly rotates your entire body and not just 
your gun.  You also aren't limited to 30 degrees in either direction, so you 
literally wouldn't need to use the left or right arrows for turning anymore.  
If you get used to using the steering mode, you will have a huge navigation and 
shooting advantage over traditional keyboard users.  The radar modes, 
especially the long range ones, are
 super useful while steering is turned on.

Robla I may end up switching to that kind of walking mode, but I'm wanting to 
give this one a shot first.  I think it is nice to be able to set your speed 
and then have your hands free to do other tasks as you continue to move.

I've also been working on solving the different errors that have been reported. 
 The latest reported error restarts the game if a zombie attacks you, lol.

Please download the new update, and if you're still getting errors your 
debuglog file should have more detailed information to help me solve them.

Download link
I've also added Swamp to my regular games page

> Um.
> What is the download link?  I think I'm copying it
> wrong.
> I went to the accessible link on the website but couldn't
> find it with the rest of the games.
> Christina

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