Hi Tom.

I'm sorry the halloween game didn't work out, but hopefully we'll have something good to play from usa games before the end of the year.

Just as to the situation with the Supernova Api used for access (Hal has been renamed supernova screen reader for some reason).

dolphin actually have it (it's been used in Quitter and supported libraries which is why blockparty outputs to Supernova), however they haven't made a general public release. Why? ---- because they haven't had time to document the api!

I did explain to them that this is absolutely ridiculous! I've had people say quite legitimately that they don't choose to use supernova becuase of the lack of support from certain programs, and it is true that when a game or other application is reliant on sending text directly to a screen reader rather than printing it on the screen, it's not really useable with Supernova currently.

Dolphin stated they were! going to fix this when they'd finished supernova 12.5, with it's rewrite of internet support, and sinse that's now done, I'm hopeful the Api should be showing up soon, ---- indeed were I not busy guide dog training currently I'd phone them and see where it currently is.

Hopefully when it is actually fixed supporting Supernova with directly sent text will be no more difficult than with Window eyes, Jaws or any other program.

As regards the review curser though, that really is one of the strengths of Supernova. It for instance automatically reviews columns logically which is why games liek Smugglers are easier, and also has great ways of moving around the screen, my favourite of which is the find feature which can go to any text.

This is why I generally myself don't find games that require it such as if titles or old dos games like piledriver or fallthru difficult to play, indeed while the direct output method is fine too (I can always use sapi as I usually do), I wasn't unhappy with usa blackjack for this reason myself.

Beware the grue!


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