Pulled this off a post on gamefaqs, someone posted a bunch of vids from the MCM 
expo in London this year from gamespot. A good set of vids, gives a good 
impression of what the game sounds like... but let me just say that those were 
some really bad matches... not that it matters to most people, but if anyone 
pays enough attention you can notice how the attacks are being missed, how very 
few specials and supers are used, etc. Yohandy I'm looking at you. :P But 
they're a good bunch of matches to watch if you want to know what the game 
sounds like... and there's a nice surprise for us blind folk in these! There's 
something about the first video which I think is really cool and will make 
things hell of a lot easier for us... see if anyone can pick it out. Listen 
Ryu/Rolento vs Lili/Chun-Li
Ryu/Hwoarang vs Lili/Abel
Abel/Heihachi vs Ken/Nina
Kazuya/Ryu vs Ryu/Kazuya
Ibuki/Hwoarang vs Ken/King
Ibuki/Yoshimitsu vs Lili/Poison
Ryu/Hugo vs Ken/Rolento
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