The first sentence is a suggestion for a way to replay passed informational messages, things you've picked up, different area's you've walked through, blahblahblah. Someone asked for a key to replay the last message, but I think a buffer to replay through all of them could be nice, just like with shift period and comma reading chat messages, or also just putting those informational messages in so that they appear mixed in with chats would work in a pinch though it'd be annoying if you're trying to hear what someone said.

One thing I'm noticing is, swamp seems to be really quiet on my computer. I turn my volume all the way up, turn NVDA's volume way down to 30, and play that way. Is there something simple you can do to get the game to be louder? It's the only game that does this for me, even other fps games like shades of doom are nice and loud. Like, I can't hear people walking unless I turn it all the way up.

Speaking of which, a lot of times I'll hear a zombie growl, spin toward it and think I've centered on it, and then I'll just stand there and wait for it to make more noise so I can tell if I've aimed at it properly. Time and again I could sit there a long time, and the monster would just sit there and do nothing. I can walk toward it and suddenly get attacked with absolutely no warning. Other times I can do a search fire, just fire, move right a bit, fire, swing right a bit, fire, swing left a lot, fire, etc. Bad for my accuracy.

Do you think you could make the grass footstep sounds a bit louder, so they are more around the same volume as concrete and dirt footsteps?

Do you think you could give out coordinates with a certain command? This could help one call other players to a certain area. Many times I've chatted that I'm in deep doodoo, people ask me where, and I can't tell them because the v key doesn't say anything and either I've been whirrling around firing at zombies then running along until I encounter more that I don't even know which direction I've been traveling so couldn't tell you if I was just west of auto mart, etc or I just started playing and am surrounded and haven't the slightest clue where I spawned at. Maybe shift v could give you x y coordinates, unless somehow swamp doesn't use coordinates in the code at all. Then I could say I'm at 4500 3440 and someone at 3800 3500 could walk south and a little east to try and get to me.

Sometimes the game crashes during mid play, it just closes cleanly. I think you already know about that though, seems some people were chatting about it in game.

I idled in the safe zone a while ago, and came back to have no game open, I guess it crashed again.

Didn't you talk on this list a few days ago a lot about some system for aiming at the monsters? Some radar thing that lets ou know if you've got a nice aim going on? I think a very fast beep with about 100ms of delay between each beep that increases in pitch slightly, then goes up really high if you're dead center. I think this is a fare suggestion myself, since after all sighted players of other games might have a scope or laser site that enables them, if they've enough time to bother, to get a really good shot. I can just imagine how much fun the hunting rifle would be with liberal use of that scope. That'd put true meaning to being a sniper on there.

Last one, I continually encounter monsters and stand trying to kill them for a good while only to finally give up and walk up to them to find out I've been firing at a wall of a building I didn't know was there and the monster is inside. I think if you can code it the best solution for this is to make it sound very quiet like they're a really long ways away, then I'll try to walk toward them, encounter the wall, maybe try to walk around the structure to get to the creature, but find out in doing that they're inside, not just way over on the other side of the structure. It wouldn't be so bad if I knew I was aiming right at them, I just don't know if maybe I'm hitting the wall right next to, and on the far side, of the monster than me, and need to swing one way or the other and give it another try.

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