It's true that single player is considerably harder now, because changes were 
made to several aspects of the game after that map and mission were created.  
Once I go back to working on the single player side of things, I will most 
likely start from scratch with a new map that may or may not duplicate the 
current one.  It served its purpose well for that first beta, but I'm not 
positive yet that it is how I would want to launch the storyline for the single 
player game.

> Hi.
> Someone was saying yesterday that single player is
> virtually impossible. At that time it really was since you
> couldn't walk, but still, with this new one I walked out of
> the cabin and was sure enough surrounded all right. I just
> started wreeking havoc left and right litterally. I killed
> 27 of them before they got me, but point is, It's doable to
> get 12 of them at leas,t although how to get back in the
> cabin is another thing, though I could have taken one step
> out the front door and got my 12 kills easily enough I
> think, turned around  and walked right back in to check
> on the guy in there.

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