I've seen a lot of discussions about sniper's rifles and the like, so here's a 
proposed approach.

Rather than add more weapons to the number row just to accomodate a sniper's 
rifle, I'd say just modify the hunting rifle, along with other weapons.

The t key could be used to toggle weapon features on and off.

Pistol: The t key would toggle the silencer.

Shotgun / Benelli: t key activates scatter mode. In this mode, the weapon has a 
wider spread, so you don't have to be as accurate. The tradeoff is lower damage.

Hunting Rifle: The t key toggles a scope which requires batteries. Whilst the 
scope is on, it would ping gently in the background to alert you to its active 
status. It would then chirp when you have target acquisition, and the faster 
the chirp, the more centered your shot would be.

MP5 / Assault Rifle: These weapons' already feature fast firing, but maybe the 
t key could activate burst fire. In this mode, every shot consumes two rounds 
of ammo, but will do more damage. it's a way of making a faster weapon without 
incurring buffer issues.

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