Lol sorry- meant to post a reply but forgot all about it when too much got piled onto my plate at once. Yes, viewed the vid- lol, that first round was funny, Yuri got the tar beat out of her like, majorly. Never been much of a combo kinda guy where KOF's concerned, I can't judge them too well- though Terry definitely seemed impressive as he always has been. The action's a bit...slow...almost like how you see it in practice mode when people are trying to figure out what does what. Hm, I haven't been keeping track of KOF since I don't have a ps3 of xbox or any of the new things- but I like it better when they used to announce the name of the winner after each fight- if they did in this vid, I couldn't understand them lol.

I also actually prefer the much harsh combat sounds when hits connect as in the earlier versions- 97 was great for that.

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