There, at least according to Jeremy, is a consequence of death, at
least once the safe zone becomes a storehouse. Unless I misread
something, you drop whatever you were carrying when you die, once
that's in effect. Imagine you're walking around with a rather
difficult to find, rather expensive weapon. You die, and it's gone.
That'd suck enough to discourage death, even if you do just go back to
the last save state. Add to that that if the save hasn't happened
anytime soon, as has happened to me on a crash situation, you may lose
a lot of collected ammo and earned kills. Death sucks, even without it
being permanent.

Now, I do say this. I personally love the idea of permanent death,
just not in this setting. I don't have anything explicitly against it,
just that I think it doesn't add to the story line or really too much
to the setting, although it does make you more  careful. Instead, it
can frustrate longtime players, if their awesome character dies.
That's why so few games include a really permanent death.

As for the fatigue aspect, I'd like it for people to be tired after
running a lot. I know I'd be. Granted, I'm not in the best shape, but
I imagine anyone would be tired after running/jogging around for
hours. The game Alone in the Dark features a fairly in shape detective
who eventually starts staggering if you make him run too much, because
he gets fatigued. I don't know that fighting should add to this, as
most fighting is done with guns. True, firing a gun isn't necessarily
easy, but it isn't truly strenuous on its own. It makes, I think, more
sense to just include fatigue for running. It's a bit more work on the
server, what with it needing, probably, two timers for each character:
a "how long you've been running" and a "how long you've been not
running." Still, walking rocks and it makes sense.

I like the idea for the medkits to be less effective, but I don't
think it should involve the safe zone. If the zone becomes so
important, people won't leave it. it's already the store, warehouse,
save point, and possibly doctor's office. If it becomes the reset
point for your medkits' effectiveness, people may not leave. However,
I can suggest an alternative that may be acceptable, though it would
involve another timer. Medkits should maybe have a cool down period.
Not that you can't use another one, just that it loses, say, 20
percent of its effectiveness if delivered within a certain time, or
that percentage of loss could depend on how soon.

For example: Bob takes a medkit, which gives him a 20 percent health
boost to put him at 50 percent health. A timer starts in the program.
The maximum time is 3 minutes. Within the first 30 seconds, the medkit
is only 25 percent effective, delivering 5 percent health to Bob. The
next thirty seconds restores the medkit to 50 percent effectiveness,
delivering 10 health. From there, 5 percent effectiveness is restored
to the medkit for each thirty seconds. So the patern is like this:
first 30 seconds is +5 health, second 30 seconds is +10 percent, third
thirty is 12 percent, fourth thirty is 14 percent, fifth thirty is 16
percent, sixth thirty is 18 percent, and after that the medkit is
restored to full effectiveness.

That was long and complicated, and I hope it made sense.

Dakotah Rickard

On 11/8/11, Jeremy Kaldobsky <> wrote:
> The balance issues of multiplayer are only temporary.  I've been adding in
> weapons but really haven't done any work making those weapons balanced.
> These are all things I am in the process of working on.
> I've already decided that zombies will never wield weapons, especially not
> guns.  I've never seen any interpretations of zombies where they could use
> weapons, so I have no desire to take that approach either.  I do plan to
> make things more difficult though, I just haven't gotten to it yet.
> Deleting progress.ini will not reset your character.  That information is
> stored on the server itself.  There is not currently a way to start over
> unless you create a new name.
> Direct verbal chat is something I've looked in to at length.  It is actually
> very complicated to implement so I don't see it happening.  If it was
> something relatively easy to do, it would have been my first choice, trust
> me lol.
>> Ok, don't shoot me or hack my head
>> off, but I think that the multiplayer
>> game balance is too easy.  I mean, it's possible to
>> get killed (just did,
>> seem to have been at a zombie spawn point and multiple
>> bandits appeared on
>> top of me with no warning, but in general, it seems very
>> possible to stay
>> alive without having to make lots of snap decisions, once
>> you know where you
>> are and have any one of the top three weapons.
>> Things that would make the game harder:  make the
>> zombies react to shots
>> from a longer distance.  I've had several instances
>> where I fired and missed
>> at a target, only to have it continue its slow patrol
>> walk.  I think that
>> any target that is missed narrowly should immediately turn
>> and search for
>> the shooter.
>> More zombies please.  The single player game is too
>> much, too many zombies
>> in too little space, but the multi-player often feels
>> empty.  Perhaps tweak
>> spawning a bit so there are more zombies at a time in the
>> larger map size.
>> Zombies should be able to acquire fire arms as well.
>> perhaps they aren't
>> excellent shots, but the concept of a zombie firing at you
>> from a distance
>> would be very frightening and would encourage the use of
>> cover and sniping
>> tactics.
>> More zombie packs. It's easy to pick them off one at a
>> time, but the fun
>> comes when there's a pack of five or six.  Maybe tweak
>> the AI so that
>> zombies that are near one another tend to agglomerate into
>> packs.
>> I think one has to erase progress.ini to go back to the
>> beginning state of
>> the game after once having saved.  Future updates
>> should automagically erase
>> this file for a death situation, though not a crash.
>> Zombies flooding the safe zone: Thematically, the safe zone
>> is a known
>> location where tasty human brains collect.  As such,
>> it should be under
>> constant siege, thus making it more difficult for players
>> to reach it
>> without a concerted team effort to clear the area.  I
>> actually hung out
>> southwest of the zone for a while and kept it clean, just
>> on a whim,
>> role-playing you understand, but if there's always a lot of
>> zombies nearby,
>> it becomes necessary to do this as the zone takes on more
>> functions.
>> You've already heard my thoughts on weapon drops and
>> usage.
>> And yes, this makes it harder to learn from the
>> beginning.  Perhaps allow
>> for a beginner mode in multiplayer where the character is
>> by default more
>> stealthy, thus drawing less unexpected attention.
>> perhaps this mode exists
>> until the player has reached a certain number of kills,
>> then it is
>> permanently removed.
>> Re: chat, I'm sorry, I just don't use this feature in its
>> current
>> incarnation.  It's a great idea, but the limitations
>> are such that I don't
>> find myself with a need.
>> Would it be feasible to simply implement direct verbal chat
>> for those of us
>> with headset mikes?  You'd hold down a transmit key
>> and simply talk and it
>> would be broadcast over the server with the same sound
>> localization.  This
>> would replace the slash key, and would remove universal
>> chat, but would make
>> actual character cooperation much more intuitive.  I
>> don't know if this
>> would be technically difficult, my understanding of
>> networking protocols is
>> limited.
>> Looking forward to the next incarnation.
>> Chris Bartlett
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