Hi guys,

Thanks for all the nice comments! I spend a lot of time on my sound work so I'm really very glad that you're all liking that.

To answer Dark's question about the 2d aspect of the game, you can certainly jump up on branches without climbing on vines. It just depends on the height of the branch in question, and when it comes to the tree near the quicksand it is too high for you to jump directly. There are plenty of other trees with several low hanging branches though. There is also an upcoming level where you are making your way up a mountain, and there you have to jump from ledge to ledge quite a lot and without any vines.

Regarding items, yes you will definitely be getting things that help you along the way... Including friends who travel with you and who pack quite a powerful punch in their own right. You can choose when you do and when you do not want them to fight for you, so you might spare them until you get to the harder battles. I say no more. Smile.

And lastly, regarding the medkits I have to think about that one. The player makes quite a few sounds all the time so having those interrupted by constant breathing as you regenerate might get a bit tiresome. Usually one medkit boosts you one level, so if you are criticly injured and take one medkit you will go to severely injured, and after another one you will just be injured, then slightly injured, fair, great, and excellent.

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall
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Hi Philip.

Really nice demo, the ai of the creatures came across very well, though I do
have to wonder what you have against monkies, sinse you seemed to go on a
real killing spree there, ---- I wonder if the alpha monkey and his crew
from tarzan junior gave you a disturbed childhood? :D.

I wonder if melany was working on Monkey conservation? :D.

Seriously I do like the sound of the game, the sounds are exelent and the
gameplay looks fantastic, however I stil have a couple of questions and

Firstly, as regards the store. While I'm not asking for spoilers, I do hope
it's possible to pick up extra items such as amo for your guns later in the
game, sinse otherwise that could make things possibly more tricky than they
need to be. It'd be a real shame to get to the final boss or game challenge
and fail because you run out of bullits and can't get anymore.

Secondly, I was wondering about the 2D aspects of the game. As far as I
could gather, you couldn't jump onto ledges above you but needed a vine to
climb, which was identified by a vine swinging sound. At that point you were
up in the trees and could shoot down or presumably climbe higher if you
found another vine. How much however has been made of the ledge jumping?
could you for instance jump from tree to tree without the use of vines or
jump onto a treebranche directly from the ground, sinse I couldn't
particularly tell if there were any sounds to indicate branches above or to
either side of you.

If the game is extensively 2D as I hope you might want to think about the
indicator sounds for ledge endings or ledges above.

Lastly, speaking of indicators a regen sound for when a medikit is in effect
might be a good idea, sinse I couldn't tell when you were or were not
regenerating health, and if calculating how many kits to use at what time
this could be important to know. perhaps a slow calm breathing sound for
when the kit is in effect? That way if it gets to the end of regeneration
and health is not at exelent we can always use another kit, but with the way
things currently work it'd be a case of having to check health status many
times as in fact you did in the demo.

I'm really looking forward to the game. The sounds and music were great, and
even though i confess I'm not a huge fan of kidnapped girl plotlines I am
interested to see where the story goes.

All the best,


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