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Ok, I really should have responded to this thread a little while 
ago, but here goes. As far as zombie packs go, I do agree that 
there should be more of them, but not all zombies should be in 
packs. If you have nothing but packs of five or six (or even two 
or three) zombies running around, having no ammo is a certain 
death statement. Also, as far as switching weapons timing goes, 
I've been in more than one situation even today (it's 7:45 am 
now) where if I didn't switch weapons right away, it would be the 
end of me. As far as encumbrance goes, I believe that it could be 
an interesting factor, but too much of it would overbalance the 
game. It's hard enough to survive as is.

Your comments about zombie packs are true enough.  It's hard to do a hit and
run on a zombie with an axe, let alone if it has help from its friends.  But
when zombies spawn, they wouldn't necessarily have to be near one another,
so there would still likely be solitaries roaming around.  Also, if the safe
zone is going to become a place where one can acquire weapons and ammo, this
consideration is less relevant.  And really, it's not that hard to evade
zombies if your intention is strictly evasion, rather than combat.  Just
stay quiet and patient until you've acquired some ammunition.  Walk, rather
than run, and avoid any zombie sounds.

As for the switching delay problem, yes, this would be a situation where
you'd have a problem.  It puts a premium on planning.  And you can almost
always run rather than fighting.  Run to give yourself time to
In regards to what Chris said, I highly disagree with the 
idea of moving/fighting decreasing health and med-packs being 
less and less useful. If the safe zone is going to be under siege 
(which sounds awesome for multiple reasons) it would spell out 
death for a player who spent too long away from there. Also, this 
could trap players in the safe zone, and would eventually force 
the few remaining players to be extremely careful as to what they 
did, as there can't be reinforcement.
        I  feel like I'm missing a few statements, so there may be 
another email from me on the subject, but this is all for now.

The safe zone is going to bring lots of benefits.  It should be hard to get
to without help.  Dakotah has proposed a good alternative to my original
idea about med kits, which might balance better, but I'm pushing for the
safe zone to be both important and difficult to reach.  Remember, we've
already got two NPCs who are working to keep the immediate vicinity clear
for you.  They seem to be really good shots.

        Chris Bartlett

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