So... here are two more recordings done by me. The first one is of a game 
called Arcana heart 3. It's a very typical Japanese game, that is to say it's a 
fighter with a bunch of squeally girls who all have some sort of super power or 
other, cool music and a fun gameplay system. Trick is... this game is has a 
cast of all female fighters, and they are all one example or another of 
Japanese stereotypes... the schoolgirls, priests, cross-dressing tomboys, and 
anything else that comes up in anime or any other form of Japanese media. It's 
a fun game and worth checking out, but those who have vision may get a kick out 
of watching some actual vids on youtube to get exactly what I mean with these 
descriptions... though keep in mind these are all passed on to me by word of 
mouth and reviews, since I don't have any vision myself. Enjoy.
The gameplay, for those who are curious, is similar to that found in blazblue.. 
but there are a few unique things about it, the most important of which are the 
arcanas, which are... equips, if you will, kind of like an rpg that can enhance 
your cdharacter with some small atributes and provide you with their own 
special moves and supers in addition to the ones posessed by your character.

Second is of space channel 5, which is perhaps the most accessible rhythm game 
as of yet... and you'll see why. Shame it was never continued.
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