Ya know, I have always wondered if that cease and desist letter wasn't some sick prank played by someone? Did you ever check that out Thomas? I doubt you'd overlook something that obvious, but you could've been stressed out, or perhaps you didn't think someone would do such an evil thing, so didn't consider it. email can be easily spoofed, as we've previously discovered on here. only way to make that authentic was to receive actual signed mail correspondence by the company. which I'm pretty sure is how cease and desist works anyway. you've always made it sound like you just got a random email claiming to be the company responsible for game development telling you to stop, which sounds unlikely. how would they even know such game was available? and what are the odds of them going after an accessible game developer as opposed to thousands of other people who've most likely used a similar idea? did they even play the game? I still think a simple name change would've solved the whole problem just in case it actually was legit. Understand I'm not saying your claims are false, but that this could've easily been a prank to scare you off.

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Hi Dark,

Agreed. Giving this community an exact day of release could be
dangerous as there could be some unforeseen delays between now and
then. It is better to give a general idea like January 2012 which
gives the developer a window of 31 days in which to meet the deadline.
Releasing sooner than later is not always better, because we want to
make sure the game is stable, has been fully tested, and most issues
and potential bugs are resolved on the release date. If you give a
specific date/time to release and find out at the 11th hour there is a
problem your prepaid customers will scream bloody murder if their is a
valid delay due to some unforeseen bug or issue that came up at the
last moment.

I know my situation is different, but Montezuma's Revenge is a classic
case of how the unexpected can happen litterally at the 11th hour. I
had the game 90% complete, was just adding the final six levels to
1.0, when I got a letter to sease and desist development based on a
copyright claim from Utopia. I royally got screwed over because of
that, and I'm glad I hadn't gave a specific date/time of release
because when that happened there was no way I could have met it
because the situation was a complete mess.

Obviously, this wouldn't happen to Philip, but there are always things
that can go wrong at the 11th hour.His computer could crash, a last
minute bug pops up in the game, whatever. Its always smarter to cover
your backside if your a single developer, because you don't have any
idea what might happen between now and your target date.

Just this year I have had a horrible run of bad luck. Two unexpected
deaths in the family, been sick quite a lot, as well as a few other
personal issues that interrupted my own schedule. Some things like
that can't be helped, and I'm glad I'm not forced into meeting some
exact release date/time or I'd be screwed.


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