Here are the events scheduled for Friday, November 11th:

Veterans Salute
7:00 PM eastern
Hosted by John
Location:  Out of Sight Presents
Please join us as we recognize our fellow veterans.

Out-of-Sight Trivial Pursuit
8:00 PM eastern
Hosted by Julie, Rick, and Suzy
Location:  Game Zone
Join Rick, Julie and Suzy in the game zone, on the 2nd Friday night of each 
month, at 8:00 PM eastern for a new game that we are going to call Out-of-Sight 
Trivia. There will be 2 teams, a roll of the dice and 5 categories. 
If you roll a one the question will be in the donut shop category, which earns 
you one point as you should never eat more than one donut at a time. It is also 
a great room to drop in and have a chat with your fellow members sometime. If 
you roll a 2, the category is Mutt and Jeff, If you or your team answer the 
question correctly, you earn 2 points. If you roll a 3, the category is the MP3 
room, where you might listen to or answer a question about entertainment. If 
you roll a 4, the category is Four of a kind, the correct answer earns you 4 
points. and last but not least, if you roll a 5 the category is the Yahtzee 
room, which for a correct answer you will earn 5 points. The key here is to 
roll a 6 and then you get to choose which category you would like the question 
to be from.
If you like trivia, music, and entertainment then this is the game for you. 

Family Feud
9:15 PM eastern
Hosted by Kate
Location:  Game Zone
Tonight, Kate will host Family Feud. Kate will ask questions from a survey of 
100 people and you try to come up with the 5 most popular answers.
It is loads of fun, so come on in and join us! 

Have a nice day, and thank goodness, it's Friday!

Be positive!  When it comes to being defeated, if you think you're finished, 
you! are! finished!
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