It feels like forever between my posts now, haha.

In the next update you won't be able to hear any sound passing through walls, 
so the problem will be a past issue.  In the current version I tend not to 
shoot at zombies behind me because I do a quick rotation test before I start 
shooting a new target.  If the sound is about center and I turn a little to the 
right, the zombie will move to my left if he is indeed in front of me.  If the 
zombie is actually behind me, the sound will move to the right.  I know this 
message wasn't talking about the trouble of zombies being behind you, but it 
reminded me to share the strategy I use.

> Hi Dakotah,
>    Yeah, that is a good suggestion about
> using the radar, i've tried 
> that myself, but maybe i need to pay more attention to the
> sounds its 
> putting out.
>    the thing i am finding now that is
> helping the most is knowing where 
> i am on the map and how i am oriented, so i know where the
> walls are as 
> much as I can and try to avoid them.
>    as for the previous suggestions of
> pingging or changing the sound for 
> indicating a wall between you and the zombie, that
> shouldn't be anything 
> that puts any more work on the server.
>    The server is sending location info of
> other players and zombies to 
> each client, and the client does all the processing from
> there. at least 
> that is the standard way MP setups are done, and jeremy has
> to be pretty 
> efficient with his server code since he is running a
> personal server, 
> and so far it seems to be working very well.
>    Now, if we can just get some grenades in
> here...
>    later
> che

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