hey all,
  I wanted to share some tips for you all that may be new to mouse control.
some players of RR complained they didn't have enough surface area for their mouse, but usually the problem is they weren't picking up the mouse and resetting it properly. This kind of thing is taken for granted by those that have used the mouse for years, but isn't instinctive if you've never picked up a mouse before. I play swamp with my mouse on my keyboard slide out stand, with the mouse to the right of the keyboard, and i literally have less than 2 inches of space to either side of the mouse.
  This is what works for me, your mileage may vary:
When holding the mouse, keep your thumb and pinky on the sides of the mouse, so you can easily pick it up by lifting your thumb. The pinky doesn't lift up, it just acts as the axis of rotation when the mouse is tilted, in fact when i do it, the right edge of the mouse never loses contact with the table surface. This will tilt the mouse up, allowing you to slide the mouse left or right without the virtual cursor actually moving. you can then put the mouse back down, and continue moving it, repeat as necessary. so for instance, if i wanted to do a 180 in swamp, i may need to move the mouse a total of six inches. assuming the mouse is in the center of my little area, i slide the mouse right 2 inches, tilt it up, move it back to the left 4 inches, place it back down, and then to the right 4 inches. Then i reset it back to the center, so i'm ready to rotate either direction if a baddie pops up. i keep my wrist planted on the keyboard stand the whole time, so my arm does not move. this takes some practice, but if your new to the mouse, fire up swamp, and just practice this technique by checking your heading with the w key, and see if you can nail going from north to east back and forth for a bit.after a few minutes, you'll get the hang of it, and you'll be blowing away the undead in no time. also, although i haven't had to modify my mouse sensitivity on this system, you can do so in your control panel so you don't have to move the mouse as far, or go the other way if it rotates you more quickly than you like. i assume this will adjust sensitivity in swamp unless jeremy is overiding the control panel in game. There is a mouse sensitivity option in RR, so you can set it in game, something jeremy might consider, though as i said, on this system i liked the default responsiveness. also, having the rotation wheel and button for changing weapons would be awesome, as would having an .ini file to set our own keyboard commands. I know i have mentioned this before, but jeremy has a very very thick skull, so i'm gonna keep pounding on that nail until it taps his brain, mooahahhah.
  Happy hunting,

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