So, this is what morning does to you. You wake up with no school, and then get bored with life so decide to own a bunch of dudes in Street Fighter. I figured I got this sound tap program, let's give it a real life test. I did have a small issue with one of its features I couldn't turn off, so it kind of crackled in places and may have thrown a fight out of the timeline due to me having to join the file afterwards. Thankfully the actual gameplay is intact though. I'm not a hardcore player so probably didn't do as much things as I could have (generally avoiding attacks would come to mind), but it did have some interesting stuff happen, including an accidental press of player 2's start button resulting in a 1-sided fight, to me trying to end it all epically and nearly dying in the process.
To listen, go to my blog at
and look in the first post. Note that I used html5's built-in audio player, so I'm not sure if, say, IE7 would work with this. If there's a need I can always send the link to the file directly.


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