Hi Tom.  Good thoughts here, but in the vein of this discussion, I'd like to
push the envelope a bit.  One of the main challenges for a modern fighter
pilot is maintaining situational awareness while having enough focus to do
the rather complex tasks of flying and fighting simultaneously.  I agree
that the GMA solution is a viable one, but a sighted player would have to
visually sort out various target tracks, then designate one for
weapons-lock.  This is a subjective feeling, but the LW/GMA solution doesn't
provide me with the chaotic stress feeling that I understand pilots in this
situation to feel.

It may be that I won't come up with anything better and will default to that
solution as good and proven, though as I don't intend to lock weapons fire
to ship facing in the same way that LW and GTC do, it will be more complex.
If I do the tactical space combat game, it's going to require time and
effort to master the controls, just as it would to learn the switchology of
a fighter plane.  I'm considering a mix of keyboard and mouse input.  But
all this is at early stages thus far, so I reserve the right to change my
mind.  Hell, I'm still learning the BGT interface.  Just got an old Comp Sci
exercise working to get my feet wet, moving on to solving the Towers of
Hanoi problem next again as an exercise.  

I take it then you're voting for the tactical space game?

        Chris Bartlett

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Hi Chris,

The best way to track targets in a 3d world is to come up with a
targeting system like GMA Tank Commander uses. You'd have one type of
beep to handle the horizontal axis and a different one for the
vertical axis. The beeps would increase in pitch as you center the
enemy target in the crosshairs and decrease in pitch the further you
are off target.

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