This update looks great! Can't wait to play! I do have a question though...
With many of the new features/changes, are you trying to help us or kill us?
*grin* Also, I don't remember seeing a message to record any voice files for
you so if you still need them please let me know.

Thanks for making such an awesome game! I've got some stuff to do around the
house and then I will start trying to stay alive. 

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After giving it quite a bit of thought, and debating it with Kai, and
flipping a coin, I've decided to post what I do have done so that people can
begin testing out the new content while I work on the rest.  The coin was
just for fun afterward, but it actually agreed with the decision which was
pretty cool.

Version 1.2b has been posted and you will notice many many changes in this
change log.  Please know that your old characters have been ground up and
fed to the new Zombies, so you must start over with a fresh start.  Not
everyone will be happy about that, and indeed some people were kicking and
screaming as we ground them into zombi-chow, but that's life.  Or death.

Grenades and Mission quests are not in this update!  They are rather big
additions that I was saving for last, and I will continue to work on them as
people enjoy all this new fun stuff.  Kai has done an excellent job on
sounds, so we're both hoping everyone will enjoy this.

Changes from version 1.1b to 1.2b

- Dogs movement speed has been increased a little.
- Zombies should no longer be able to get into the safe zone.
- Zombies have some updated sounds.
- Pressing Shift + ? will announce who else is on the server.
- 3 new voices have been added.
- Cycling through screen reader options now uses sound files instead of
synth speech.
- The server used to contain 50 zombies at all times, it now holds 150, with
the foundation for me to add more if needed.
- Sounds heard through walls have been adjusted to reflect the thickness of
the wall.
- Zombie AI is improved to help them find you in complex environments.  They
are less likely to get stuck and stand around waiting for you to come back
within slashing distance.
- Zombie AI is more likely to give up persuing a target in order to chase
down someone else.  In the past a zombie chasing you would almost never stop
to chase another person even if that person was making more noise and was
- The multiplayer map has had some changes.  The entire eastern border has
been expanded to reveal a lot of new land!
- Sounds for the radar modes and beacons have been changed.
- Window eyes should be fixed finally.
- Guards don't yell out phrases as often because it sometimes became
- Guards have their own separate phrases so they aren't as easily confused
for other players.
- Med kits have been replaced by the Field kit.  The Field kit is used more
like the weapons, and has an area of effect to heal nearby friends as well.
- Field kits heal for 20 health on each use.
- Kai has adjusted many of the weapon, zombie, and radar sounds.
- Fixed a few bugs that were causing random game crashing.
- Voices can now be heard by zombies.
- Most of the weapons now have an alternative mode that is accessed by
pressing T.
- The axe can be set to defensive mode, which deals less damage but has a
20% chance to block a zombie attack.
- T toggles the silencer for your pistol, assuming you've found a silencer
- The Shotgun and Benelli can both be switched to scatter mode.  In scatter
mode you do less damage but the spread is more likely to hit zombies.
- T toggles the scope on the hunting rifle, assuming you've found a scope
- The MP5 and Assault rifle can be switched in to burst mode.  Ammo is used
up 3 times faster, and they make significantly more noise.
- The Chainsaw has been added.  It uses fuel as ammo, has range a little
longer than the axe, and deals significantly more damage than most guns.
- The Sniper rifle has been added.  It uses 7.62mm ammo and deals more
damage than any other gun.  You must use T to crouch into the Sniper's
position before you are able to fire.
- The M60 machine gun has been added.  It holds 100 rounds and uses T to
brace the weapon against yourself.  When braced, your movement speed is
greatly reduced, but when not braced the gun is less accurate.
- The Vulcan minigun has been added.  It holds 1000 rounds of 7.62mm ammo
and uses T to brace the weapon against yourself.  Your speed is drastically
slowed while holding the weapon, but you must brace to fire which will not
let you move at all.
- Players sending text messages will have a radio chirp mark their location
around you.
- You can no longer switch weapons while your current weapon is still in
recoil or being reloaded.
- A few sounds have been added to the menu.
- There is a stereo sound test on the main menu.  This tests to see if you
have your headphones in the correct ears.
- Tyrant zombies have 33% more health than before.
- Matriarch zombies have more health now.  They have as much as Tyrants used
to have.
- The Lamprey zombie type has been added.
- The amount of loot to find on the server has been reduced by 20%.
- There is no only 1 guard out in front of the Safe Zone, but he is better
armed to deal with any zombies who try to get in.
- Footsteps used to mute on one side if you were walking along a wall, this
has been fixed.
- Ambient sounds have been added around the map, to help add atmosphere but
also to help navigate within buildings.
- Abandoned cars have been added to the map in several places.  No, these
are not drivable.  I could hear the question forming in your brain!
- The high contrast graphics are a little less stressful on the processor
now.  I will be improving this more later.
- Zombies can cross the river but players can't.
- Guns stored in the safe zone should no longer lose the ammo that was
loaded in them before logging out.
- While not really developed into anything yet, there is a leveling system
- Reputation is the currency used in the game.  At this point in the zombie
outbreak, people are more concerned with survival than money.  Even though
there is no actual money, your group of survivors is not going to hand over
a valuable Assault Rifle to some new guy who just arrived.  By contributing
and helping out, you will earn the respect of your fellow survivors and that
is spent like money on equipment.
- Killing zombies earns both experience points and a little bit of
- Weapon ranges have been set.  Here is each weapon along with its maximum
    + Axe, 2
    + Chainsaw, 3
    + Field kit, 8 area of effect
    + Shotgun, 35
    + Pistol, 45
    + Benelli, 45
    + Hunting Rifle, 60 (or 90 with scope)
    + MP5, 60
    + Assault Rifle, 60
    + Vulcan Minigun, 60
    + M60, 70
    + Sniper Rifle, 120
- Positional sound has been put back in.  In the very first version, the
sound of zombie hits and deaths was positioned around you in 2D space.  For
a while that was removed to solve a buffer issue, but now it is back.
- Zombies no longer get stuck south of the Safe zone.
- The lining up of zombies among different clients has been greatly
improved.  What will this mean to most people?  Nothing.  :)
- The bug has been fixed that could allow the guards to be killed.
- I believe the bug is fixed that respawned zombies in exactly the same
spot, allowing people to rack up many kills easily.
- The server is now set to monitor several new things to catch cheaters.  Up
until now I have no reason to believe anyone has been cheating, but if I
find that someone is they will be permanently banned from my server, which
is used for Castaways, Swamp, and future games planned.  I think the
permanent ban is something everyone will want to avoid.  Also if you think
changing IPs will get around my bans, I wouldn't bet on that.  :)
- Pressing C still tells you your health, and now Shift + C tells you about
reputation, experience, and level.
- A few changes to how some of the stat keys display their messages.
- Being killed will cause you to lose any equipment you were carrying around
with you.  This makes things more frightening, and also encourages you to
donate items to the Safe Zone.  Reputation, kills, accuracy, and experience
are not lost when you die.
- If you are attacked, there is a chance that the zombies will yank the
weapon from your hands or break it.  If this happens the weapon is lost and
you will need to find another one.  The only weapon that can not be lost is
the trusty axe.
- Armor had been added.  There are a few different grades of armor for each
category.  Armor helps protect you from damage when zombies attack you, but
it is also possible for armor to be broken in the process.  The protection
of armor in different categories will combine, but if you own a few pieces
in the same category only the best item will count.  For example, if you own
a Military helmet and a Football helmet, the Military helmet is the only one
that is protecting you.
- When you want to play multiplayer, you will be asked to type in a password
as well as a name.  If the name hasn't been used yet, it will create the
character and assign it the password you used.  This will prevent others
from controlling your character if they happen to try using the exact same
character name.  Don't lose your passwords though, since I don't have any
way to send them to you if you forget them!
- If you are killed and restart with only an axe, you will start out already
inside of the Safe Zone.  This gives you a chance to get a new gun before
venturing out in to the town.
- Fixed the bug that allowed people to shoot or axe each other.
- Main menu has been rearranged a bit.

For this update I highly suggest that you simply delete your old Swamp game
folder to start fresh.  Doing so is not necessary of course, but if you just
unzip this new update into your existing folder, you will wind up with a ton
of unused sound files that are just wasting space on your computer.

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