When equipping a weapon that has been fired, reloading does not decrement
your stored ammo correctly.  Example:  I find 40 45ACP bullets while
wielding my axe.  I had 1 left in the pistol.  When I re-equip and reload, I
still have 40 ammo left and eight in the gun.


Reputation seems to behave randomly on death.  I had 238 reputation recently
and I don't think that's correct, though perhaps that would be my cumulative
score.  I just died again, so I'm not sure what it will be when I go back.


Experience also seems to have something of a bug in it as it's resetting
with death, though mine isn't resetting to 0 anymore.  I did manage to get
back to the safe zone and save.  Perhaps that's why.


Health completely resets when you return from exiting in the safe zone, a
nice loophole to take advantage of when you're out of med kits and at 5%


I agree with others that my own footsteps are too loud in relation to the
rest of the soundscape.


Love the m-60; you can clear the Carrigan Bridge if you're properly placed
with it, even if it has its usual swarm of zombies.


And, my kudos to Kai, for excellent sound upgrades.


                Chris Bartlett


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