It's a little more complicated than that actually.  Walking doesn't move you 1 
tile per step, or even half a tile per step.  In many games you are locked to a 
grid, but this game doesn't work like that.  Each tile is almost like measuring 
out a square of carpet and setting it on the floor.  With enough squares you 
could always stop and be told which one you were on, but you could be at its 
edge, center, or halfway between as many as 4 of them at a time.  When you 
request your coordinates it simply rounds to give you the easiest numbers to 
deal with.  Off hand, I'm not sure how many steps it would take to truly move 1 
tile.  It would also be only an approximation if I did measure it, because the 
foot steps aren't quite that standardized either.

I'm still trying to figure out the best approach with weapon ranges.  My first 
plan is going to be to just increase the ranges so that you can always hit what 
you hear.

> hi jeremy. when u say distance is
> being measured in tiles, do u mean 1 
> coordinate = 1 tile? so from coordinates 1 0 to coordinates
> 1 50 will be 50 
> tiles? so basically 1 step forward = 1 tile i.e. 2 steps
> backwards = 1 tile? 
> because we are now hearing the sounds of zombies much
> earlier than the 
> previous version, i would recommend we should start hearing
> zombie sounds 
> when we are 120 tiles away, so basically if u own the gun
> with the longest 
> range, i can't remember the name, u will be able to kill a
> zombie once u can 
> hear it. provided u can aim accurately of course. hope this
> makes sense.

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