I enjoyed the daring tale of survival sir.  :D

I hope you get to keep your reputation too!  As much as people are irritated by 
the bugs, believe me that no one is as annoyed by the broken code as I am.  
Lol!  It totally sucks to pour a solid week's worth of work in to this thing 
only to have it plagued by some pretty problematic bugs.  What bothers me most 
is that I did more testing on this version than any of the past versions, and 
these issues didn't come up.  I had Kai running tests for days, and we even 
spent a good day or 2 just testing the multiplayer interaction code to make 
sure the server would work once you had more than 1 player in at a time.  In 
almost all cases, if code works for 2 players it will work for as many as it's 
designed to handle.

Since posting the 1.2 update I haven't been able to work on the code yet.  I've 
been reading through the messages jotting down notes of what must be fixed, but 
I've been busy catching upon a week's worth of household stuff I neglected, 

I apologize for the many frustrating bugs, and I will do my best to have them 
fixed up soon!  :D

> As anecdotal evidence that it is
> possible to survive even in trouble, I
> exited then re-entered the game, only to find myself east
> of the river with
> 3 rounds of .45ACP ammo and nothing else.  Naturally,
> I wanted to get back
> across the bridge, but there were about a jillion zombies
> there, so I
> hotfooted it east and wandered around an area that was free
> of them, picked
> up a hunting rifle, assault rifle and chainsaw, along with
> oodles of .45 and
> 5.56mm ammo, plus a badly needed field kit.  When I
> came back to the bridge,
> it was empty, so I skedaddled my butt across, then went
> hunting.  I racked
> up 40 or so kills near the bridge, and further west down
> Carrigan avenue,
> before getting low on rifle rounds, and having to beat a
> hasty retreat when
> all the zombies in the world came out of the Kai
> Mart.  I headed west to
> Green Lane, then north, around the concentration, then
> busted east towards
> the zone, having to take out three loner zombies along the
> way.  I am now
> safely ensconced in the zone until I play again and get
> sent somewhere else
> again.  The assault rifle on burst mode is your friend
> when a crowd of
> zombies are headed your way.
> This is less to toot my own horn than to give those of you
> having trouble
> hope, that with patience (I did a lot of sneaking and
> avoiding large
> concentrations of zombies until I was actually ready to
> fight) and a weather
> eye on your ammo stocks.  In case you've forgotten or
> never knew, the z key
> gives you the ammo in your current weapon and the total of
> that ammo type.
> (Thanks for that tweak Jeremy, it's useful.)
> Now if only I get to keep the 150+ reputation I gained by
> donating excess
> ammo.
>     Chris Bartlett

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