Hi everyone,

I have posted this to the game developers list, but carbon copied this
to the Audyssey list just in case someone here might be able to help.
Please, answer off list, or over on the USA Games developers list.

I was wondering if anyone on here could help me with XAudio2. I'm
currently in the process of updating the G3D Engine to use XAudio2 by
default instead of DirectSound and I'm afraid to say I'm having
troubles making heads or tails of the Microsoft documentation as
usual. Here is where I am so far, and where I need to go.

Basically, my sound manager creates an XAudio2 device pointer in order
to grab the default sound card. Then, I create a mastering voice which
I believe does the actual mixing before passing it on to the audio
device. I then create a WavFormatX structure to read wav data into
memory and create a sound buffer. Finally, I create a source voice to
play the sound buffer. Here is where I'm stuck.

I see from the documentation I can use the SourceVoice->Start()
function to play a sound and Sourcevoice->Stop() function to stop it.
What I'd like to know is A, how do I loop a sound, B, how do I create
a 2d stereo pan effect, and C, change the pitch/frequency on the
current source voice? I'm assuming the documentation is present in the
Microsoft docs, but buried somewhere not relatively obvious.


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