thanks for the feedback!

Yes, I've encountered the problem with property reads having side-effects too 
(it's even worse in some of the lower-level GL classes where you crash the 
target if there is no active GL context). 

There's probably two ways to address this, all out hiding the property, or a 
"read on demand" approach where you'd explicitly need to trigger the property 
read in the UI.

Seeing properties that make no sense in a specific context is also a well-
known problem, I have that with duplicates of list properties of Qt 3D C++ 
types and their QML wrappers for example. So yes, I'd like a view filtering 
mechanism for properties too :)

I'd also like to see a way to manage additional attributes for properties in 
general that can't be retrieved from the running application (valid ranges, 
which syntax highlighting to use for structured text, etc), probably also 
something to keep in mind when touching this area anyway.

It's on the TODO list, but that's very long, so I can't promise anything :)


On Wednesday, 7 February 2018 17:55:03 CET Uwe Rathmann wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm working on a user interface for a product in the automotive industry.
> We are using the QSkinny framework ( https://github.com/uwerat/qskinny ),
> what is the part of our code I am allowed to release under a open source
> license.
> Now I started playing with GammaRay and our application and was very
> pleased how well things play together. Nevertheless I noticed a minor
> issue I would like at least to mention:
> Retrieving properties from QQuickItem sometimes has the side effect of
> creating extra objects + consuming extra memory + resulting in
> misleading results. So far I noticed QQuickItem::anchors() and
> QQuickItem::childrenRect() falling into this category.
> Another observation is that certain properties do not make too much sense
> in the context of a pure C++ Qt/Quick application and I would like to get
> rid of them, so the the Object tab becomes more readable.
> I guess both could be solved if I could configure some sort of blacklist
> with all properties I would like to be ignored by GammaRay.
> Maybe something like this could be added in a future version ?
> But anyway - thanks a lot for this great tool,
> Uwe

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