Comment #5 on issue 1179 by gnt-instance move socat error - certificate commonName does not match hostname

I am facing same type of problem at the time of taking backup.
What steps should I take to solve this.

OS is ubuntu 16.04.1
ganeti 2.15.2-3

Message details is below.

root@node01:~# gnt-backup export -n
Sat Sep 17 21:56:40 2016 Shutting down instance
Sat Sep 17 21:56:40 2016 Activating disks for
Sat Sep 17 21:56:41 2016 Exporting disk/0 from to Sat Sep 17 21:56:44 2016 - WARNING: import 'import-disk0-2016-09-17_21_56_41-lmSEVS' on failed: Exited with status 1 Sat Sep 17 21:56:44 2016 disk/0 failed to receive data: Exited with status 1 (recent output: socat: E openssl-method="TLSv1": method unknown or not provided by library) Sat Sep 17 21:56:44 2016 - WARNING: Some disk exports have failed; there may be leftover data for instance on node
Sat Sep 17 21:56:44 2016 Deactivating disks for
Failure: command execution error:
Export failed, errors in export finalization, disk export: disk(s) 0

Md. Salah Uddin

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