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This should definitely help cleaning up after migrates. LGTM modulo nits below.

> FinalizeMigrationSource and FinalizeMigrationDst should compose an
> 'atomic' operation consisting of 2 idempotent steps, that can be always

I'm not sure calling this 'atomic' sets the right expecation. For these
operations, we want to not continue unless both of them succeed, but we don't
guarantee to 'roll back' to the previous state if one or both ops fail.

> both retried, similarly how they are used in AbortMigration() Otherwise
> we would have to remember at which step did the migration fail in order
> to be able to rollback/recover. Also state of the record should be updated
> only if both succeeded, otherwise we won't know in case of recovery if the
> record corresponds to the original state or the final state.
> Signed-off-by: Viktor Bachraty <vbachr...@google.com>

> +    # Always call finalize on both source and destination, it should be seen 
> as
s/destination/target/ (we use the term target everywhere else in the method)

> +    # Update instance location only after finalize completed. This way if the
> +    # instance runs on both nodes we know which one was the primary before 
> the

Maybe reword as "This way, if either finalize fails, the config still stores the
old primary location, so sysadmins can know which instance to delete if they
need to clean up."

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