>>> On 11/28/2007 at 3:41 PM, in message
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, "Bernard Li"
> Hi Brad:
> On 11/21/07, Brad Nicholes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Calling for PHP web frontend help!
>>   With the introduction of additional metadata, there is some work that 
> needs to be done to the web frontend.  I am not a PHP hacker and I know that 
> many of you are, so I am asking for help in this area.  The XML output of 
> both gmond and gmetad has been enhanced to include a new tag called 
> <EXTRA_DATA>  This tag is contained by the <METRIC> tag and carries a single 
> attribute and value.  The attribute can actually anything but is currently 
> defined to be TITLE, GROUP or DESC.  There can only be a single TITLE or DESC 
> passed for each metric however there maybe multiple GROUPs.  I would like to 
> see somebody enhance the web frontend in such a way so that the TITLE is 
> being used as the title for each metric graph rather than the metric name.  
> Also a new filtering method should be added to allow user to display graphs 
> based on the GROUP that a metric belongs to.  The DESCription data could be 
> added as mouse-over text for each graph or constant metric.  I think that 
> these types of 
>  en
>>  hancements will go a long way to improving the usability of the web 
> frontend.
> I am curious why <EXTRA_DATA TITLE> is necessary -- currently it seems
> that it is the same as <METRIC NAME> as can be seen in this XML
> snippet:
> <METRIC NAME="swap_free" VAL="1999988" TYPE="uint32" UNITS="KB"
> TN="81296" TMAX="180" DMAX="0" SLOPE="both" SOURCE="gmond">
> <EXTRA_DATA DESC="Amount of available swap memory"/>
> <EXTRA_DATA TITLE="swap_free"/>

By default the <EXTRA_DATA TITLE> is the same as the metric name.  However if 
you add a Title="blah" to any Metric{} block in gmond.conf file, that title is 
reflected in the <EXTRA_DATA TITLE> tag.  This way the user is able to name 
their own graphs and constant metrics anything they want (provided the web 
frontend is refactored to use the TITLE rather than the NAME attribute).  You 
aren't seeing any difference now because I haven't added any titles to the 
gmond.conf file.  But all of the functionality is there and works.  The web 
frontend just  needs to support it.


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