On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 2:52 PM, Rick Cobb <rc...@quantcast.com> wrote:
> My thought
> is that the fewer underlying services a monitoring system needs to work, the
> more likely it is to work.

Absolutely, but dns itself is actually a good example of how
introducing a dependency was necessary to make "a service" usable. The
problem here is that if you don't have context most information are
meaningless or possibly misleading and an ip imho doesn't qualify as
context. When you do the lookup from the frontend the ip might have
moved and this is actually not so far off depending on your
infrastructure and the timeline you retain data for. Obviously if you
maintain these associations elsewhere you're good, but otherwise being
able to store "webXX" is pretty useful (and the reason I want more
control over it).

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