On Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 8:32 AM, Bernard Li <bern...@vanhpc.org> wrote:
> Forwarding this to ganglia-developers since this is a more -devel
> related discussion.  Also can get spike's opinions in ;-)

remember that you asked for it :P

> On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 11:49 AM, Vladimir Vuksan <vli...@veus.hr> wrote:
>> There have been some tweets that someone was working on a REST interface
>> for Ganglia.

I would have loved to see something more than a tweet about that
(which I haven't seen either, but just told about). do you have any
more info? what kind of REST interface? it can mean a lot of things
and nothing.

> At first I thought it wasn't such a big deal

Care to share why's that? Personally it'd find it a great addition and
a basic requirement to make extensibility and interoperability with
other applications possible (of course it can be argued that given the
user base and scope there is no interest in doing so).

>> but I think that
>> adding a simplistic interface to Ganglia would be a nice addition ie.
>> something like
>>> telnet ganglia 8653
>> METRIC web1 load_one
>> Which would echo out the current value for load_one. That way you can
>> avoid parsing out the XML to get those values. I think for large sites it
>> makes a lot of sense. Granted there are "workarounds" that could be
>> implemented and people have.

as one of those people I wonder what a new interface like that
changes, as you say the only difference would be making xml parsing
client side unnecessary, which imho is not the problem here.

What I'd like to see is a way to access *all* the data gmetad knows
about, which means both what's in memory and inside the rrds, and
being able to do so for multiple nodes at the same time (I sent a
patch for multiple nodes request a while ago that maybe I should try
to push for again). The same interface, with obviously only in-memory
values available, should exist for gmond.

Also, I wouldn't make up another port for it, but rather use 8652 and
extend the already supported control parameters. So for example you'd
use the interface like this:
telnet ganglia 8652
lastupdated time host1 metric1 value[s]
lastupdated time host2 metric1 value

if you don't specify a time it's assumed you want most recent reading
and it's fetched from memory, otherwise you get it from the rrd. The
?format=text regulates if you get the classic xml output (default if
format isn't specified) and that could be amended to be json.

something like that to me would start to make a lot more sense, but
it's still not a REST api to which you can speak http and use known
methods to do useful things like caching results.

let's keep this discussion going.


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