On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 2:00 AM, Vladimir Vuksan <vli...@veus.hr> wrote:
> I think you guys are complicating much :-). Can't you simply have multiple
> gmetads in different sites poll a single gmond. That way if one gmetad fails
> data is still available and updated on the other gmetads. That is what we
> used to do.

Would you mind explaining me why having multiple gmetads in different
colos pulling form the same gmond is simpler than the infrastructure I
presented in my post? Furthermore, could you please show me how your
simpler solution addresses the problem of bringing back up the gmetad
that failed such has both gmetads would have the same data? And if
that's not what you had in mind, what's your strategy? Which data is
going to be displayed to the user? and what if the first gmetad that
didn't fail now fail while the restored one continues working?

thanks for your clarifications.

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