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On Fri, Mar 09, 2018 at 08:11:08PM +0000, Dmitry Akselrod wrote:
>2.  As I am collecting the metrics for the remote hosts on my utility
>hosts, the Ganglia website will show my utility host as the node name for
>all the metrics.   That all makes sense since gmetad is polling the gmond
>on my utility host and the gmond on my utility host is storing the
>metrics.   Is there a way to override the hostname for the specific metric
>I am collecting via SNMP?   I would like the Ganglia cluster to have a node
>for each of the appliance I am polling via my SNMP module with its metrics
>assigned to it.   It seems like it should be theoretically possible since
>gmond can aggregate metrics from multiple hosts.   I am just not sure how
>to get to get to this programmatically.

rather than use a gmond python module, you could probably accomplish
what you want using external python program that gathers up all your
SNMP data and then spoofs it into ganglia using gmetric.py.

the data will appear to be coming from another host even though you
are inserting it all into ganglia from your utility host.

  g = gmetric.Gmetric( gmondHost, gmondPort, gmondProtocol )
  spoofStr = ip + ':' + host
  g.send( name, '%.2f' % d, 'float', unit, 'both', 60, 0, "", spoofStr )

I do this for a bunch of 'out of band' data like node temps, fans,
infiniband traffic, filesystem traffic, etc.

the only quirk in doing it this way is that if a host is down then this
spoof'd data will make it appear like it's still up. but for pure 'fake'
hosts like it sounds like you have, then that's probably what you want.


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