Hi Russell,

Two possibilities spring to mind. One is permissions and authentication - the 
default disallows everyone from creating a new view:


The second is: are you on an air-gapped network or have an authenticating proxy 
or some such? The Ganglia-Web user interface needs a set of PHP modules which 
are referenced via Internet-facing URLs in the default configuration, and if 
you can't directly reach the Internet from the machine, then these modules 
won't come in and you won't see various elements of the UI.

The modules are cubism.v1.min, d3.min, jquery.min, jquery.mobile.min, 
jquery-ui.min, protovis.min, and rickshaw.min.

In my own airgapped networks, I pull copies of those modules using the default 
URLs in Ganglia, bring them over to the no-Internet network, and put them in 
the /usr/share/ganglia/js/airgap directory, and then change the conf.php file 
to refer to them there instead:

$conf['jquery_js_path'] = "js/airgap/jquery.min.js";
$conf['jquerymobile_js_path'] = "js/airgap/jquery.mobile.min.js";
$conf['jqueryui_js_path'] = "js/airgap/jquery-ui.min.js";
$conf['rickshaw_js_path'] = "js/airgap/rickshaw.min.js";
$conf['cubism_js_path'] = "js/airgap/cubism.v1.min.js";
$conf['d3_js_path'] = "js/airgap/d3.min.js";
$conf['protovis_js_path'] = "js/airgap/protovis.min.js";

Hope this helps!

                -Michael Pelletier.

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Subject: [Ganglia-general] Creating views in Gweb-3.7.2

I am running Gweb v3.7.2 and when I click on the "Views" tab, there is no 
button present to create a view.
I can manually create a view by creating a json file in the conf directory of 
the "gweb_confdir".

Is it possible to get the create button to work with this version of gweb?

Thanks in advance!

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