Hi all,

I am a new user of ganglia. I have a small cluster of 4 nodes (say host-1,
host-2, host-3, and host-4) on which I deployed ganglia 3.6.1. All nodes
have an instance of gmond configured in UNICAST mode with deaf=no and
mute=no. Only host-1 runs gmetad and an apache server. Each gmond offers an
UPD channel to receive metrics and sends them to host-1. Multicast is
completely disabled (i suppose). host_dmax is set to 1h, allow_extra_data
is set to yes and send_metadata_interval is set to 20 seconds. With such
configuration, I can successfully access to all the system metrics of the
cluster. However, I need to collect the metrics of a third party
application (namely Apache Flink). Unfortunately, I can see only the
metrics that the instance running on host-1 exports. Flink metrics from
host-2, host-3, and host-4 are not gathered at all in the web interface.
Following ganglia FAQ, I launched gmond on host-2 in debug mode and I
realized that it does receive all the metrics from Flink, yet those are
stored but not sent to the gmond on host-1. Digging in ganglia source code,
it seems that only the metrics configured in a collection_group are
actually sent, whereas received metrics would trigger a metadata request.
Therefore, I would like to ask whether I am missing anything and how I
could "make gmond processes forward" the flink metrics from host-[2,3,4] to
host-1 in order to see them in the ganglia webfrontend. Thank you in

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