Bold predictions for college football's Week 4

Now that the shock of three weeks of football has worn off, it's time to shake 
the tree a little harder and see what falls off.

Who are the pretenders? Who are the contenders? Who is neither here nor there?

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The college football landscape has changed a lot since the preseason. While 
it's difficult to predict every game's outcome — incredibly, some fans still 
expect perfection from analysts — it is possible to spot trends in matchups. 

In other words, an educated guess is just that — an educated guess. But it 
makes great fodder at the office water cooler. So we're shaking the tree.

How do you like these apples?  

5 Florida will make it 12 in a row over Tennessee

As much as we all love Tennessee fans, we also realize sad Vol fans have become 
a staple in our college football diet.

Is this the Vols' year? Maybe. The East certainly looks up for grabs.

But Tennessee's defense looks a tad suspect, and that old feeling that the Vols 
can't finish games is looming. 

BENDER: More Gators-Vols trash talk, please

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